Top 10 amazing benefits of coworking space

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As the world moves towards the advanced digital age, the shift in work culture screams in need of some dynamic, agile, and flexible workspaces. The emergence of more start-ups, small-medium entrepreneurs (SMEs), or even mature companies that prefer having a smaller group of people working with computers and technology helps the growth of coworking spaces exponentially. In 2021, coworking spaces are no longer just a trend but a full-blown industry.

How does coworking space help in these types of business? What are the benefits of working in a coworking space? Here we dive into 10 of the more diverse benefits of coworking space.

1. Creating companionship

As research showed, communications, be it small or insignificant are the source of happiness. Interactions such as a short conversation with neighbors or the delivery men help as they add up.

It is known that coworking space caters to people that are usually in a smaller scare company, work alone or someone working as a freelancer. People of these working groups usually do not work with the same people on a daily basis.

That brought us to the point of working in a coworking space. Coworking space gathers people from these working backgrounds and creates a workplace for everyone. With coworkers around you on daily basis, there is bound to be people starts greeting you as you arrive at work, spending lunchtime together and even someone sits and works next to you, providing companionship.

2. Community events

Coworking space is where people of different backgrounds and professions work under a roof, hence the ability to meet someone you otherwise wouldn’t even work around with. This concept opens up a wider variety of possibilities in networking or resource sharing between coworkers.

Most coworking spaces host networking and community events left and right and this is a great chance for people to talk to one another and learn more about them, be it in an entirely different field. Such interactions can more often than not create the opportunity of looking for fresh collaborators or even move into.

Top 10 amazing benefits of coworking space- ThinkHub Private Office

3. Access to different types of work spaces

Most coworking spaces provide a few different types of workspaces for your comfort. There is a free-seating hot desks area where you can work anywhere, some include cubicle seats for the more serious working environment, there is also a fixed desk area where you can grab a fixed seat for yourself or even glassed-off private offices for more privacy. Just pick anywhere you like to settle for the day and work away!

4. Facilities and Amenities

Coworking space, like traditional offices, caters to a different type of workers and their respective requirements. There are always more than enough services and facilities to use. You should be able to find and use most office facilities in a coworking space as they are necessities for most work fields, facilities such as a printer, coffee and snack machines, internet services, and phone services are normally included.

There are also other services available in different coworking spaces such as delivery services, lockers for safekeeping, storage facility, front desk services, and so on. These facilities are definitely useful and some improve your quality of life at work.

Top 10 amazing benefits of coworking space- ThinkHub Discussion Pod

5. Cost saving and flexibility

As a freelance worker, your expenditure is most likely tighter than that of a full-fledged company. To work around that restraint while having a more serious workspace, ThinkHub Coworking Space will be your best choice. The flexibility of coworking space not only allows you to work around your budget, but it allows you to also suit your flexible working hour.

The benefits don’t end there, for small companies, with a little headcount, coworking space is also one of if not, the best choices for you. Renting a small private office in a coworking space comes with almost everything you need in an office space.

ThinkHub Coworking Space in Shah Alam provides you with quality of life services and necessities and the price are often still much lower than having your own office. The benefits are further emphasized once elements such as front desk, discussion pod, call room, VIP holding room, and all the other household bills to cover on top of everything.

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6. Easy to access

Now, most coworking spaces not only come in a single building, most having multiple branches of which you could just plug in anytime, anywhere as long as there is the coworking space’s branch.

This is a massive benefit to people that are required to travel everywhere, locally or internationally. Yes, internationally! Some coworking spaces are even accessible overseas, but a card swipes away.

Nothing feels better to have pretty much an office anywhere! In a ThinkHub Coworking Space, you do not even need to worry about the accessibility or facilities in each office. Head in and be sure there are ultra-high-speed WiFi and coffee but a swipe away.

Top 10 amazing benefits of coworking space- ThinkHub Coworking Space - Work-life balance

7. Having a work-life balance

Work-life balance is a heavy topic nowadays as workers are being overworked to achieve higher productivity by a lot of companies. This is however often not effective as it heavily affects one’s mental health causing workers to lose focus or their sanity across long hours.

Having a work-life balance requires a person to have their own time in their preferred leisure activities, doing things such as exercise, relaxation, playing games or just shopping, having a walk are essential in maintaining one’s mental health.

Coworking space is everywhere, and since some are being near tourist spots or being in a shopping mall. The flexibility of being with a coworking space allows you to pick the office that is most suitable for your preference in terms of leisure activities. Being near whatever fancy you at the time is the best way to gain accessibility and hence maintain a much more healthy work-life balance.

8. Bring structure to your day 

With the pandemic, people should’ve experienced that working at home blurs out the sense of time in you. While working at home, a day can pass in a blink!

Here is when having an actual office as a workspace can help, as it is always much better in tracking your progress and working hour, especially so with more people around you. It is much easier to keep track of your working schedule when people are heading out for lunch or off work. Besides acting as a reminder of the time of the day for you, it can also help u in keeping track of your work progress and productivity of the day.

When you need to head out of your house to the office, you can also discipline yourself and set a time frame for your work, this is also easier to achieve having an actual office.

Top 10 amazing benefits of coworking space- ThinkHub Meeting Room

9. Improve productivity 

For a freelancer working at home, the working hour is flexible, this however comes at a cost. Working at home often means that you have to get sidetracked and deal with other things during your working hour, this can massively lower productivity.

Having an actual office space for work often means that you have to focus on working when you are there. This can ensure that while you are at work, you can focus 100% on your job, without caring about getting sidetracked by chores, family members, and other unnecessary distractions.

As someone working in a coworking space often means that you will either be working alone or in a smaller scale company, your workload will usually be fluctuating throughout the day. A typical workspace isn’t usually flexible enough to accommodate it. However, a coworking space does, from different types of environment and lighting, music in the workspace, other services, and refreshments allow you to stay fresh throughout the day.

Facilities in ThinkHub Coworking Space is also always ready to meet different situations people need. The best example would be meeting rooms. ThinkHub Coworking Space comes with several sizes and types of meeting rooms available for booking, these can help in carrying out smaller-scale internal meetings, meeting with customers, or even have a webinar room to host your video conference. Having facilities as such reduces your time and hassle to look for a place elsewhere that may or may not cater to your needs.

10. Stepping out of your comfort zone

It is safe to say that working at home is always more comfortable, albeit not as efficient, but staying at home ensures everything around you is always familiar and there wouldn’t be many challenges since you are already used to the place.

This brings us to why stepping out of your comfort zone is a good idea, as above mentioned, there are so many benefits of having people around you that are working together.

Working alone would not give you the feeling of companionship as you are always fighting alone, having people around you working hard alongside each other can be a really good source of motivation for you to move along as well. Besides being a work companion, coworkers can always act as a reflection to yourself! As you see other’s success or hit a milestone, you will definitely get the motivation to work harder as well. Even for someone that is more competitive than most, working with others can also act as fuel in making you work harder in order not to lose to your coworkers.

These benefits will not only be something temporary, in time it may also shape you or your staff to become someone that is more motivated and even spark innovation as you spend time working along with people from different fields.

Your need decides the benefit of a coworking space 

The benefits of working in a coworking space still matter by following your needs. Some benefits may outweigh others by personal or company needs. Having everything said, there is also a possibility that these benefits don’t appeal to you.

However, as an entrepreneur, owner of a small company, someone trying to expand your circle or looking for collaborators, even someone working as a freelance, no harm trying or considering working in a coworking space before actually investing in your own office space. As coworking space is much more than just a fixed workspace, it is definitely going to improve your productivity and even change your perception of the concept of office space.

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