Growth of coworking space in Malaysia. What happened?

Coworking Space continued to grow in 2021. What happened

Coworking spaces are office spaces that everyone can work in it as long as you have the membership or subscription for it. It is a concept of flexible workspace which you can use at your own pace, schedule your own time and work along with other smaller groups or individuals that worked alone.

As coworking space is something quite new to the global audiences, the concept of flexible office space at first, doesn’t spark that much interest in many people. Many would see coworking spaces as a trend or something to be there for but a short while, much like fashion in a sense that it would go away once the heat coming off.

However, with recently gathered data, the growth instead, continued and has stormed a new height.

The appearance of coworking spaces surfaced and gained popularity since around year 2015, this is the time when flexible office spaces were just explored and sole-purpose office spaces were furnished just for this purpose.

The office spaces were an absolutely good idea, however, judging by the relatively niche market of it, the growth of coworking spaces took everyone by surprise. Just as people are starting to look over it, coworking spaces around the world has grown up to double the amount since 2015, having around 19,000 coworking spaces around the world in 2018. Up to the current timeline, the growth of coworking spaces is still hitting around 70% each year.

Growth of coworking space in Malaysia. What happened?

Coworking Spaces are expected to grow even further.

With statistics showing the growth of coworking spaces from past years, it is no mistake to assume that the trend will continue to grow in upcoming years in Malaysia. Experts predict that there will be more than 30,000 coworking spaces around the world by the year 2022, which is an expected 70% growth since the year 2018. The pacing is expected to be carried on and ends up at a 30% growth by the year 2030.

Onwards with the growth, the factors that drove the growth of coworking spaces are not showing sign of slowing down, it is for sure that the creativity in coworking spaces would expand even further to unknown territory.

We wouldn’t know what lies in the future, but what we do know is that what happens currently and how the world has shifted in these past years are mainly fueling the growth of coworking spaces. All and all, be it a good or bad force, coworking spaces are to be the future of office spaces.

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