5 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Know. Is spending a Hefty in Office Renovation worth it?

5 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Know. Is spending a Hefty in Office Renovation worth it

In current day and age, people are looking for financial freedom in a longer run. No longer do people like to be just another worker and live repetitively every day. With that in mind, more people are willing to seek out the challenges and start their own business. Some people might find this to be their specialty and works well under tremendous stress level, but some might get lost with some anxiety built-up.

Here are 5 things every Entrepreneur should know!

1. Business Venture and Market Scope

Before starting your own business, you must first have your eye on a good business idea. A good business idea acts as the core in securing both the success and survivability of your business. When it comes to investments, do not invest lightly before conducting a proper market research as well as risking it in a field that you are not familiar with. The emphasis here is the choices you make in the very beginning will cling onto you across the entire journey, think through properly before making a choice.

2. Business Capital

A business would never start without a proper capital. No matter how creative or brilliant your business idea is, nothing would even begin without it. Businesses relies heavily on a good cash flow, and the way to ensure a business to run properly especially during the starting phase, business capital is everything, every business comes with its risks after all. The ideal business capital must be able to cover at least 3 to 6 months of cash flow, this is to ensure there is enough to mitigate any potential problems a company might face.

3. Management

Managing an operating team is the basics in entrepreneurship. Every member in the team counts, and are vital to the growth of a company. Having a team with proper vision, execution and communication skills should be the top priority. With key players like these in a company, the business is sure to keep its passion and pace across a long run.

4. Business Operation Model

Every business has its own operation model, be it small, medium or large. Every element in a business must be able to fall into their respective roles and to perform well in it to ensure the proper operation. One must first consider what business model they are working with. Does it rely more heavily on manpower or technology? What tools must be integrated to ensure the efficiency of the business?  Does the business work better with online model or franchise-based operations? These are some of the most important questions entrepreneur must ask themselves while starting their business as well.

5. A Good Working Space

Having a proper and comfortable office environment is very important for every company. There is a common misconception that a good workplace is some of the least important element during the early stage of a business. This is especially false as most start-up businesses requires more creativity and inspiration from their team. Having a good workplace not only helps in achieving that, it also ensures the team’s performance quality. Let is not forget that a start-up business usually works with a smaller team, and how much every individual’s performance can affect the company’s day to day operation.

This point is further emphasized by the recent pandemic and multiple lockdown, sending everyone into a work-from-home status. As a lot of researches had already proven, working at home across long hour is unhealthy for employees, and that would hamper the overall performance of an entire organization in a long run.

In reality, having a proper and comfortable office environment is not easy. The cost required in renting, purchasing and renovating your own office space is off the chart for a start-up business. It is not ideal to work in a Starbucks outlet before you have a proper office space either.  This is when Coworking Space such as ThinkHub in Shah Alam comes into play.

Check out ThinkHub – The Best Coworking Space in Shah Alam

ThinkHub Coworking Space - Reception - Best Coworking Space Shah Alam

A coworking space is quite a new business model in current age, people of different background, company or even from a completely different field work under the same roof. A coworking space can provide different types of work space experience even if it is within a same branch, catering to different working group suck as an inspirational start up entrepreneur, a freelancer that requires a ton of creativity in their work or someone who is simply looking for a more interesting space to spice your work life up.

ThinkHub can serve you just exactly that! Let us take a look at what kinds of different features a ThinkHub Coworking Space has.

1. Interesting office environment, it makes you look forward to your working hour!

As just another staff in an office, it is always stressful to work across long hours. People are unhappy with their lives, problems they face in their work, and all the emotions built-up would create an office space full of negativity.

In ThinkHub however, the modernized design is sure to give you a comfortable and luxurious working experience. When you first enter the office, you will be greeted by a clean and neat environment with good lighting, top it off with vibrant colour combination in the office design. You are sure to be able to get into your working mood comfortably.

There are 2 main types of office spaces in ThinkHub:

– An open hot-desk office area

– Private office space

It is ThinkHub, a place where you realize that work life is not as bad as it seems. Working can be not as stressful as it is and you are sure to start looking forward to working hour! Give yourself a chance, take a step closer in realizing your dream, begin your enhanced work life in ThinkHub coworking space!

2. Multi-themed Meeting Rooms, from professional to comfortable, suits every need of a meeting!

It is a must in every business to have a meeting room, be it inner council or a brainstorm session, ThinkHub have them all! This coworking space include multiple types and themes of meeting rooms, with every necessary tool at your disposal. Every meeting room are equipped with projector, furnishing, whiteboard, screen and more. The room can only suffice not only meetings, but also training sessions. Below are some examples of the meeting rooms available:

– Professional conference room for up to 20 people

– Small meeting room for up to 10 people

– Creative webinar rooms for up to 8 people

Meeting Room For Rent | ThinkHub Coworking Space

Again, these meeting rooms are designed in a way to inspire entrepreneur and their team, as well as spark creativity and passion within work space. So, you can be sure that they are always comfortable!

Besides having a proper meeting in the rooms, ThinkHub also have a call room with well sound-proof, you wouldn’t like to have any of your secrets leaked from the converstion over the phone call, right? Just get creative with the space!

3. Relax corner, for you to take a break from your hectic tasks!

Ever heard of any offices having a relex corner? For workers to take a break or even nap? This sounds preposterous! However, it is here, in ThinkHub that we have it all! We know fully well that a break is required in between the job, tasks and a stressful day. A rest are is hence available in ThinkHub, making sure your brain remains fresh, and maybe have a little social session may spark your creativity at work!

Besides the area for rest, there are also places where you can simply hang out, sit around and have a drink, chatter away like a cafe. There are also food and beverages available, utilities like a microwave, coffee machine and fridge is available for public use. It is the experience of a workspace we wish to bring, but when you are taking a break, it is still best to feel like at home!

4. Event Spaces, Courses? Classes? Why not have them in!

There are also event spaces in ThinkHub coworking space! Equipped with projector, microphone, speaker, and sound, you can have them all! Able to hold up to 120 people, the event space is available for rental. Events like courses, seminar or even workshops are easy to host with ThinkHub. Besides the space and services being ready-to-use, cafe area is sure to be of big help to any events held in the space.

ThinkHub Event Space - Classroom Sitting 2 - Coworking Space

5. Basic Needs, office equipment? No problem!

ThinkHub afterall, is an coworking space, and hence, the basic tools are there at your disposal. Utilities requires no additional top up, no need to buy your own furnishing, no need to renovate your own office, you do not even need to worry about the water and electricity bills!

Below are some of the services you can expect:

– Printer, Scanner, Courier service

– 100 Mbps ultra-high-speed Wi-Fi

– VIP holding room

– Daily cleaning and sanitise services

– Other necessities such as shower as well as discussion pod for small group discussion

Whatever you think you need to prepare, just ignore it! Bring yourself and your laptop to the space, you are all set! What a way to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

6. Strategic Office location, get working in the metropolis!

ThinkHub is located in the city center of Shah Alam, food and public transportation should be the least of your worries! Not only the ample parking space, there are also shopping mall right here. The office is open 24/7 and the area is safe, just hop by anytime you think you need to work. Did I not mention that the office entrance is equipped with identification system? You do not need to bring along anything to enter however, the only thing we need is your access card! How simple is that? Besides everything above, the space is also a guarded area. Having everything said, the space beyond safe for even a late-night drop by or a midnight work session!

ThinkHub Location:
Google Map link HERE

Isn’t it fun? What has office space come to be? If you are feeling curious or have the urge to try it out, just do it! Life is short and time is precious, instead of a boring work life, why not take a step in improving it? This is the best way to start! There are also researches that shows how happiness in a workplace can increase working efficiency, join ThinkHub and watch your business soar!

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