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ThinkHub - The Coolest and Best Coworking Space in Shah Alam
Visit ThinkHub – The Coolest and Best Coworking Space in Shah Alam

As coworking spaces become more and more popular in Malaysia, more people are asking the question, what exactly is a coworking space? In this article, we will discuss the basics of a coworking space, how to choose a good office space (things you should look for and things you should avoid), and having what kind of people in a shared office space can actually benefit you. We will also discuss some others common issues you may have in mind.

Want to know if a coworking space is the one for you?

It may or may not be… let’s find out.

What is Coworking Space?

Generally speaking, the definition of a coworking is that people gather in a neutral space and work on different projects independently, or in some cases, work on the same project in groups. It is different from a typical office space as people in a coworking space environment usually do not work under the same company.

Coworking spaces provide the same, sometimes more amenities when compared to a traditional office. The biggest difference between a traditional office and a coworking space is its flexibility, this is because you do not need to sign up for a long-term leasing in a coworking space.

Every coworking space will have basic facilities such as Wi-Fi, printers, and usually several types of meeting rooms… Some spaces provide you with complementary tea, coffee and snacks. Some provide you with start-up resources, including digital assets, coaching and consultations. Some may have more cutting-edge facilities such as a 3D printers and other technologies that you may not be using. On the other spectrum, some budget-conscious coworking spaces are set up way simpler and only provide you with a desk and Wi-Fi.

ThinkHub Meeting Room - The Coolest and Best Coworking Space in Shah Alam
ThinkHub Meeting Room

ThinkHub Coworking Space

As the coolest and hands-down best coworking space in Shah Alam, ThinkHub emphasizes on your work-life balance and welcomes all individuals to participate in projects, book reading, relaxation and other social activities to make new friends. There are spaces here that can be used as both coworking space or can be rented out as an activity / event space.

As the space care for its user’s comfort, tea, coffee and snacks are on the house. The Wi-Fi provided in the space is also at an ultra-high-speed for convenient usage. Should you need to store or prepare meals for your event, there is also a refrigerator and a freezer, not to mention food and drinks from outside are all welcomed.

ThinkHub is currently charging from RM200 per month per pax, making it one of the more affordable options among coworking spaces.

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Who uses a coworking space?

In Shah Alam, coworking spaces are very popular for startups and freelancers. When the term coworking space appear, people usually think of “entrepreneurship” and imagine some luxurious office buildings where everyone rides on unicycles and sleeps on huge bean bag chairs. However, it is not just budget-conscious startups that use a coworking space.

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So who actually uses a coworking space?

Freelancers or remote workers

Since freelancers and others who work for themselves, a pay-as-you-go arrangement can save a lot of money. Not only that, coworking space is also a great way to meet other entrepreneurs and freelancers hence making it a good networking place. Whether you’re a digital publisher, a creative freelancer, a programmer, or more of all trades, you are most likely to meet people who are doing similar jobs in a shared office space. In addition, you may even have the opportunity to chat with people who can help complement areas that you are having trouble with.

Looking for a coworking space in Shah Alam? Read this first! Freelancers or remote workers

When you have so many people in a space with diverse talents, the potential in itself is incredible – even if everyone is just doing their own thing.

Don’t get me wrong, not everyone just sits around and talk to everyone about their projects, but there will definitely be some downtime and places where you can chat during a break. But the real attraction in the most excellent coworking spaces lies in the original, pure focus and motivation that you will ever hope to encounter.

When your room is filled with enthusiastic people who are working hard to realize their dreams, you will be a special kind of energy space.

Small businesses

Small businesses that don’t want tSmall businesses that don’t want the same expenses as traditional leasing are flocking to coworking spaces. Since it is relatively cost-free to set up, and the coworking membership includes most, if not all the amenities that a business need on a daily basis, it is no wonder why small businesses now account for the majority of coworking space users.

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You’re not hearing it wrong, even large global companies like Nike work with coworking companies to meet their workspace needs. When you have thousands of employees working all over the world, managing all the office needs can be troublesome. These companies use coworking companies to create custom spaces for them or instead, become the main tenant of a space.

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Non-profit organizations

Many coworking spaces offer non-profit arrangements or discounts. Because of the overall cost saving nature (and cost-consciousness) of coworking, these types of companies also tend to have flexible coworking relationships.

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Still wondering if coworking is the best choice for you?

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Should you try coworking?

If you are curious about trying coworking, the best thing you can do is to just give it a try. If you just want to get in, finish your work and get out, do you need to worry about any social obligation? The answer is no. It’s like a gym.

Do drop by and visit the coolest and best coworking space in Shah Alam – ThinkHub, you are guaranteed to love the environment and everything around, the placement is nothing short of being convenient.

Everyone is there busy with their own thing and if you are in the area, no one would bother you. If you are willing to stay around to chat and stay contacted, you bet you will meet some outstanding local entrepreneurs and become a part a joint community.

If you are in a situation where your business, startups, apps, blogs, or any other work-related matter felt stagnant… Spending some time in coworking may be a good refresher for you to make things start rolling smoothly again.​​​

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